Nights on the Fringe

Baltimore's 1st fringe festival, a two-night gala event hosted by Ottobar regulars Alex & Dan, creators of Chucklestorm, & David London, with house band The New Retro.


Special hosts Alex & Dan of Chucklestorm * Baltimore Improv Group * David London * Flying V Theater

NIGHTS ON THE FRINGE, Saturday Nov. 10th

Special host David London, magician and illusionist * Single Carrot Theatre * Sticky Buns Burlesque * Never Bird Theater

And how could we forget, no night is complete without dessert, generously supplied FREE to all standard ticket holders by area bakery Mike & Cookies.

Charm City Fringe is a non-profit dedicated to bringing a theater and performing arts festival to Baltimore. Our mission is to provide a prominent platform for young, experimental, and up-and-coming artists to showcase their work. By holding it in the medium of a festival, we are creating a "critical mass" to attract larger audiences. All profits from the festival go back towards the artists as well as educational programs to bring the arts back to Baltimore City Public School students.

No shows currently for sale.